Staircase handrail safety

- Aug 22, 2017 -

From the staircase handrail process, iron ladder handrail craft is still a bit complicated. On the one hand should be the quality of cast iron as a good raw material, on the other hand through the welding, surface treatment, multi-channel process, if a link out of the problem, it will affect the end of the iron handrail quality. Of course, as long as the qualified manufacturers of iron staircase handrails in line with the specifications of the staircase handrails.

Currently popular other staircase handrails, including staircase handrails for polymers. This staircase handrail is based on modern environmentally friendly materials. From the staircase handrail craft, this staircase handrail is a lot of material handrails more resistant to corrosion, greener and safer, and staircase handrails are also remarkable. However, the price of this staircase handrail is also high.

To the most high-end hotels, halls and other places. Speaking of staircase handrails craft, it is not very simple, through the selection, processing molding, grinding, installation and many other procedures, if which steps do not meet the staircase handrail specifications, may affect the final quality of the stairs.

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