Home Staircase Handrail Choice

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The material, shape and size of the handrail must be given to the user's hand to control the comfort, and the cross-section state, color, texture, etc. to meet the requirements of formal beauty, and with railings. Has a good decorative effect.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, handrails are also more extensive, wood, rubber, stainless steel, copper, plastic and slate. Modern buildings use wood, stainless steel and plastic.

Over the years, in order to pursue the characteristics of artistic effects, in the shopping malls and museums and other public places using large staircase design, staircase handrail is usually set in the lamp below, the light down, the formation of strip structure, handrail coordination, prepare long bright band, Or bending changes, that is, people provide lighting, but also produce special visual effects, so that the stairs effect and location more compelling.

The choice of staircase handrails must be based on the use of sex and the specific circumstances of the family, such as children at home must pay attention to the child naughty, lively and potential threat to the elderly to take action to take care of the elderly.

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