The quality requirements of staircase handrails

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Railings and embedded parts should be connected to solid and solid, such as welded or no joints, so as not to cause trouble to passers-by, in the railing surface polishing, to be very strict and fine polishing, so that a high degree of prevention of child damage

The construction of the staircase and the fence is as important as the balcony fence, without any security risks. The construction team and the workers who work with the installation must ensure that the supervisory authority passes. Safe quality clearance, put into use the way

Stairs are one of the items of each building, can be said to be one of the channels, then the staircase handrails and balcony design is the key to the quality of the guardrail, the quality requirements of the handrail is also very strict. Staircase handrail industry as part of the hardware industry is not suitable for the industry, but with the complex room and a series of high-end residential areas, the popularity of stairs, staircase handrail industry has seen great potential for development.

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