Sofa armrest

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The sofa armrest is used to support the side of the sofa on both sides of the frame.

Used to modify the sofa of the observability, aesthetics. There are two forms of sofa armrests, one is exposed, the other is hidden in which the leather or cloth are wrapped in the inside. Exposed sofa armrest There is another name that is the sofa wood line, of course, the sofa wood line is relative to the kind of modern steel sofa to set.

The sofa armrest can not proceed from the narrow concept, sofa armrest, including support in the upper half of the body of the force surface, there is contact with the ground carrier. A set of sofa armrests can have a few pieces or a lot of pieces. While the price of the sofa armrest accounted for about one-third of the whole sofa.

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