High-grade material

- Aug 22, 2017 -

High-grade material

1, Material: GB-Q-235A grade steel.

Staircase handrail picture

Staircase handrail picture

2, welding process: the use of carbon dioxide gas welding. (Welding point uniform, air tight performance, good durability) welding electrodes.

Iron craft: hand forging iron.

3, surface treatment:

Hot galvanized processing

Electrostatic coating: no thinning material, the construction of the environment pollution-free, non-toxic to the human body; coating appearance of excellent quality, adhesion and mechanical strength; spray construction curing time is short; coating corrosion resistance wear resistance much higher; The construction technology is simple, the technical requirements of the workers is low; the cost is lower than the painting process; some construction occasions have made it clear that the electrostatic spraying process must be used to deal with; electrostatic powder spraying process does not appear in the painting process common flow phenomenon.

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