Accessible staircase

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Accessible staircase can be used to evacuate the stairs, but the evacuation stairs are not necessarily accessible staircase, accessible staircase is attached to the usual staircase on the basis of some conditions such as railing and stepping height and wide, mainly for crutches and the elderly use. In the stairs on both sides need to set a high 0.85 ~ 0.90m handrails, handrails to maintain coherence, at the beginning and end to the level of extension of 0.30m above the action in the up and down stairs can help the body to maintain balance. Stepping tread and kick the color to have a clear contrast or change, to arouse the user's alert and help the visually impaired ability. Tread width should reach 0.30m, the height of the kick should not exceed 0.16m. At the beginning of the step before and after the end of 0.30m, should be set to 0.30 ~ 0.60m wide wide tips blind path, told the visual stairs where the stairs and the starting point and end point.

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