Two Ball Tubular Standards - Level

Galvanised Handrail Two Ball Tubular Level
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
FINISH: Galvanized
Delivery detail: 7 to 30 days

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Product Details

Railing & Stanchion:


DIAMOND™Ball-joint Railing is designed by ourselves. Q235 or other plain steels are available, & hot-dip galvanizing is for surface treatment. Featuring robustness,convenient installation, elegant appearance, and good anti-corrosive property benefiting from hot dip galvanizing. It’s widely used in shipyard, bridgework, power plant, petrochemicals, iron & steel works, sewage treatment plant, waterworks, gardens, municipal roads, airports, wharfs. Etc. Products can be manufactured as per customers’ requirements and specifications.

 Surface Treatment

Regarding surface treatment, the hot-dip galvanized, painted & untreated are available, of which the hot-dip galvanized is recommended.


Mild Steel

Galvanized steel 

Stainless steel


Type of DIAMOND™ Upright Stanchion

1. Types of Vertical Railing include P, C, W, S, SC, SO, MB (Multi ball).

2. Types of Inclined Railing include PA, CA, WA, SAL, SAR, AM, SOAL, SOAR.


handrail 产品详情下方插图01.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图02.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图03.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图04.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图05.jpg

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