Welded Handrail Stanchions

Hot dip galvanized walkway grating stair ball- joint stanchion fence with base plat
SUPPLY ABILITY:30000 Piece/Piece per Month
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DIAMOND™ Handrail will assure all concerned, to be in safe handrails. Installation ready handrails are engineered to meet the safety requisites. DIAMOND™ Handrail Systems are manufactured to honour AS1657-2013 Standards and available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. Normally handrails available in Self colour, painted, galvanized or powder coated.

Selections of Materials

Mill finish steel

Galvanized steel 

Stainless steel


DIAMOND™ Handrail

Tubular Ball Handrail System

DIAMOND™ Group’s tubular ball handrail system is a safe, strong simple barrier solution. The complete system lends itself to be quickly and economically erected in either a workshop or on site.

Manufactured in accordance with AS1657 and used extensively throughout the mining, petro-chemical, mineral processing and heavy industries, the system is equally suited in commercial,local government and general applications.

Locker Group handrail is available in component form.eg. stanchions, bends, pipe and kickplate or can be supplied in fully fabricated panels for even quicker site installation. 

Features & Benefits

1 Excellent corrosion resistance

2 High strength-to-weight ratio

3 Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

4 Easily recycled

5 Flexibility of either components or prefabricated panels.

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