Side Offset Handrail Stanchions Self Colour

Side Offset Angle Left /Side Offset Angle Right / Welded In Ground Angle Handrail Stanchions
SUPPLY ABILITY:30000 Piece/Piece per Month
Delivery detail: 7 to 30 days
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Ball Joint Handrail

DIAMOND™ owns the international ball-connected handrail production line. The handrail surface is treated of hot-dipped galvanized zinc. It has the characteristics of being novel, beautiful, convenient to install, sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free, extensively suitable for industrial and civil buildings.

The products conforms to the international standard: British BS6399 and BS6180, Australia 1650-985, etc, and Chinese standard 4053-83.Matt stainless steel surface is in line with environmental requirements.Specific types can design according to customer requirements.

Rail Types

1. Types of Vertical Railing include P, C, W, S, SC, SO, MB (Multi ball).

2. Types of Inclined Railing include PA, CA, WA, SAL, SAR, AM, SOAL, SOAR.

Selections of Materials

Steel: This is the most commonly used material and is used in all types of applications.

Aluminum: Aluminum is usually used when weight or corrosion is an issue or in conditions where steel is unsuitable. Aluminum handrailing is commonly used in sewerage treatment facilities and commercial and architectural applications.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel 304 and 316 are available

Surface Treatment

Steel handrail is most cases Galvanized to EN ISO 1461 to protect against corrosion or available Powder Coated

Aluminium handrail can be anodized, Powder Coated or left as Mill Finish.

Stainless steel handrail is Electro-Polished

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