Corner posts (PC)

Platform 90°Platform Corner Handrail Stanchions ;
SHANK:40nb/48.3od. BALL :76mm
SUPPLY ABILITY:30000 Piece/Piece per Month
Delivery detail: 7 to 30 days
Customized requirements are accepted

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Product Details

Handrail Stanchions

Ball post railing systems are flexible and easy to install safety barrier structures with multiple uses including mining installations, plant access platforms, safety systems for water and utility sites and much more. These railing systems are used around the world especially for remote locations but can even be seen on Navy ship vessels. Having a dedicated tool for automating the setting-out of ball post railings has long been a request of many DIAMOND™ Advance Steel users worldwide and will save a vast amount of time.

Selections of Materials

Steel: Q235B,Q345B…

Aluminum: 5052,6061,6063-T6…

Stainless Steel: 304 ,316,316L …

DIAMOND™ Handrail

1. Steel Pipe Dimensions:

all final dimensions must be subject to drawing confirmation of both parties.

2.Stanchion Spacing: 1000, 1200 and 1500ram

3.Height of Handrail:

(1) Double Rails

A. Horizontal Handrail: with a minimum height of 1100ram for the handrail

B. Angled Handrail: with a minimum vertical height of 900ram for handrail

(2)Three Rails: generally 1200ram

(3)Single rail or more than 3 rails are subject to specific design.

4. Joint of Rail and Stanchion:

(1)Welding is generally adopted for joints with parcel antirust treatment.

(2)Bolts or pins are optional, with necessary holes to be drilled at site for installation.

5. If customer reduces the height of handrail or the thickness of steel pipe, or increase the main stanchion pitch, etc. so as to save cost, our company will not be responsible for any consequence incurred.

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handrail 产品详情下方插图03.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图04.jpg

handrail 产品详情下方插图05.jpg

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