Three Ball Handrail Stanchions

Mild Steel Three Ball Tubular Level Sticks Standards - Raked Standards - Level Sticks - Raked usually available ex-stock;
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The DIAMOND™ Steel Stanchions are designed and manufactured for strength and safety with optional Hot Dip Galvanizing for the best corrosion resistance.

We are engaged in supplying excellent quality Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Ball Joint Handrail Stanchions to our valuable clients. Ball-joint handrail specification

1) Ball-joint rail have advantages such as attractive appearance, convenient installation, robustness, and good anti-corrosive property after hot dip galvanizing. It is widely used in such industrial and construction engineering fields as electric power, petrochemicals, machinery, sewage treatment plant, waterworks, gardens, municipal roads, airports and wharfs.

2) in the table, the material is low carbon steel, if the material is stainless steel, we can produce them as for your require.

3) Rail height: single rail manufactured according to design, double rail is 1,100mm, and triple rail is 1,200 mm.

4) Column spacing: mainly four kinds as 1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,2000mm. 5) Steel tube's size: subject to the design drawings confirmed by both parties.

Features & Benefits

1 Excellent corrosion resistance

2 High strength-to-weight ratio

3 Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

4 Easily recycled

5 Flexibility of either components or prefabricated panels.

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