Aluminium Welded Handrail Stanchions

Aluminium Welded Handrail Stanchions
Material: Aluminum(5052,6061,6063-T6…)
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Product Details

Aluminium Grating & Handrail Systems


DIAMOND™ Aluminium grating and handrail systems are lightweight, non-toxic and sustainable. Under our DIAMOND™ Brand we manufacture a range of high quality aluminium products suitable for architectural applications and compliant with AS 1657-2013.

Selections of Materials

Aluminum: material can be aluminum alloy 6063 T6.

Aluminum is usually used when weight or corrosion is an issue or in conditions where steel is unsuitable. Aluminum handrailing is commonly used in sewerage treatment facilities and commercial and architectural applications.

Aluminium handrail can be anodized, Powder Coated or left as Mill Finish.


Our DIAMOND™ Aluminium grating and handrail systems are particularly suitable for Architectural projects, maintaining an aesthetic surface appearance and long term durability.

Applications include sunscreens, ceiling tiles, vents, fencing, building facades, fountains, walkways and entranceways.

DIAMOND™ Aluminium construction products provide years of service with low maintenance and without showing wear or decay. Because Aluminium is non-toxic, it can easily be cleaned which prevents bacteria growth making it an ideal product to use in food processing facilities.


Excellent corrosion resistance

High strength-to-weight ratio

Can be customised on site

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Naturally attractive

Easily recycled




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