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DIAMOND™ is located in China's Yangtze River Delta north  wing, one of the central city of Shanghai metropolitan area.The group has long provided handrail to Australia, UK,America, Southeast Asia...DIAMOND™ has expanded and diversified over the last several years to become a unique operation, offering an incomparable comprehensive range of products and services to suit a vast range of applications into many types of industry.DIAMOND™ has two key sectors .Industrial and Architectural where we offer tailored solutions to suit the different needs of these two markets, Industrial Solutions and Architectural Solutions. Industrial Solutions offering products such as Pipe clamps, Handrail Standards and related products, Handrail Components, Flooring products and GRP handrail products. Architectural Solutions offering Architectural Balustrade product.The strengths that distinguish DIAMOND™ are:Iconic, trusted brand name.High quality, reliable and proven products and systems.flexibility and expert customer service.


    DIAMOND™ handrails where ball & shank are joined by precision welding. Carbon steel handrail is normally hot-dip galvanized for saving maintenance.


    For the fabrication of Tubular Handrail Stanchions. Integral stretching process.Ball diameter is 55mm, 60mm, 66mm, 76mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 125mm,215mm…

  • Key Clamp Fittings

    Key Clamp fittings can be used for a multitude of uses,the more typical uses being handrails systems,but on the flip side they are also used for greenhouses, play parks, trolley bays.


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